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Our Services

Our company offers the following services for customers outside Japan.

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 Investigation of official documents

We will investigate official documents in Legal Affairs Bureau.

* Certified copy of Register

* Registered Land Map

* Registered Survey Map

* Registered Building and Floor Plans



We will inspect subject real properties and confirm if the subject properties exist truly and they match with official documents.

We will take photographs of the subject real properties.


 Brief Summary Report

We will provide Brief Summary Reports in English.

* Identification of the Subject Property

* Real Estate Market in the Subject Area

* Real Estate Market in the Subject Ward, City or Prefecture

* Real Estate Market in Japan

* Brief Summary Valuation report of the Subject Property


 Detailed Summary Valuation Report

We will provide Detailed Summary Valuation Reports in English.

* Valuation Report which fulfills International Valuation Standards (IVS).

* Valuation Report which fulfills Japanese Real Estate Appraisal Standards.


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